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Himalayan Singing Bowls offer a safe, accessible and pleasant method for relaxation that allows the body to destress and heal. Our hands-on singing bowl workshops offer an introduction to singing bowls and how to apply them for sound therapy focusing on the following:

Part I

  • The cultural and historical origins of singing bowls.

  • How singing bowls are crafted.

  • The health benefits of singing bowls.

  • The effects of sound frequencies on the body, environment, planet, and cosmos.

  • The various types and sound qualities of singing bowls.

  • How to select singing bowls for different applications.

Part II

  • How to play singing bowls.

  • How to connect and select with what singing bowl is for you.

  • How to apply singing bowls for meditation

  • How to apply singing bowls for sound therapy for yourself and others.

  • Sound therapy share where you will practice using the bowls for various healing modalities.

For a schedule of our monthly events held at the Crystal Portal, click here. We also facilitate workshops and sound healing sessions in libraries, schools, senior centers, yoga studios, homes, and for private events. If you would like us to come to your location to facilitate a workshop, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the details with you! 

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Facilitator Bio:

Ramin Yazdanpanah, PhD, is an educator of language & intercultural communication. Ramin is a certified Sound Healer and facilitates workshops and concerts internationally using music and sound therapy to educate, entertain and elevate audiences. "My path is to share the medicine of sound with you, so you can apply it to your own path of personal development. Restoring ourselves enables us to bring love and light within into all we do".

Facilitator Bio:

Alexis Barnett, owner of Crystal Portal,  began her spiritual journey at the age of 12 years old when she began practicing Reiki with her grandmother. She has a B.S. in Psychology, is a certified Reiki Master & Sound Healer, and holds a rich knowledge in the areas of sound healing, holistic health, herbalism, crystals, and meditation. "It is my mission to cultivate a community that supports individuals in search of a deeper meaning to their lives."