We recommend using headphones or quality speakers to hear the full spectrum of sound.  Please contact us for pricing at: vibrancysound@gmail.com

Sole Bowls for Reflexology
"Sole Bowls" are healing for your soul and soles, and will have you feeling as vibrant as the sol (sun)! These bowls are perfect for a foot soak while gently playing, vibrating and soothing your feet and bringing overall health to your body. These bowls float, and are incredible to play in a pool or hot tub. These bowls are soulful!
Note: A, Frequency: 56Hz, Size: 19.5", Weight: 9kg
Note: D, Frequency: 72Hz, Size: 17.5", Weight: 7.4kg
Note: A, Frequency: 54Hz, Size: 18.5", Weight: 8.3kg
Note: D#, Frequency: 76Hz, Size: 16", Weight: 6.7kg
Note: A, Frequency: 58Hz, Size: 17.5", Weight: 7.6kg
Note: B, Frequency: 60Hz, Size: 18", Weight: 8.45kg