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The didgeridoo is a gift to humanity provided by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia as an instrument to connect us with nature, to honor our ancestors, build community, and heal the mind, body, and soul. Our mission is to empower you to be able to apply this ancient instrument to bring greater balance to our modern lives. We strive to do this through our following workshops:

Make Your Own Didgeridoo
How to Play the Didgeridoo 

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to create your own didgeridoo! This immersive, interactive, fun and educational workshop focuses on the following:

  • How to make a didgeridoo from locally sourced and sustainable bamboo.

  • Understanding the cultural and environmental context of the didgeridoo.

  • How to apply the didgeridoo in musical contexts and for sound healing applications.

  • Community building through intentional collaboration and communication. 


This workshop is appropriate for adults and children (with adult supervision). All construction and safety materials are provided on-site to make your own didgeridoo.


This workshop is designed for novice to more advanced players. This workshop focuses on the following

  • Utilizing the Didgeridoo to deepen and expand how to breath for greater health and wellness.

  • How we can learn from the Didgeridoo and Aboriginal culture to live a more sustainable and balanced life.

  • Experience a sound healing for deep relaxation and restoration.

  • How to circular breath through the didgeridoo. 


Didgeridoos ​are provided, and participants are also welcome to bring their own. This workshop is appropriate for adults and children (with adult supervision).

For a schedule of our monthly events held at the Crystal Portal, click here.  We also facilitate workshops and sound healing sessions in libraries, schools, senior centers, yoga studios, homes and for private events. If you would like us to come to your location to facilitate a workshop, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the details with you! 


Facilitator Bio:
Ramin Yazdanpanah, PhD, is an educator of language, music, and culture. As an ambassador of peace, Ramin facilitates educational workshops, teacher trainings, and plays concerts nationally and internationally, using the didgeridoo and other sacred instruments to educate, entertain and elevate audiences. A player and maker of didgeridoos for over 20 years, Ramin guides the novice and experienced didgeridoo player to explore new aspects of themselves and the instrument.

Andre didge photo.jpg

Facilitator Bio:

Andre Ignacio Dimapilis is a Filipinx-American culture-bearing performance artist, facilitator, and peaceful warrior.  Andre’s journey with the didgeridoo started with performing on stage with blues, funk, hip-hop and dance artists. He then shifted his focus to communicating with divine spirit by simply blowing spirit through the didgeridoo. In the past 3 years, Andre has been using the didgeridoo for setting intentions during ritual, ceremony, and spiritual work in New York City.  Andre infuses ancestral wisdom and indigenous knowledge for participants to listen and be intuitive as they make and play their didgeridoo.