We recommend using headphones or quality speakers to hear the full spectrum of sound.  Please contact us for pricing at: vibrancysound@gmail.com

Deity Bowls
These hand-hammered and hand-engraved Himalayan singing bowls are extraordinary. Created by master craftsmen in Nepal, these bowls are sacred works of art, as well as profound sound healing instruments that can be passed on for the healing of generations to come. They are larger in size and depth of sound.
Buddha Medicine
Note: E, Frequency: 81Hz, Size: 14", Weight: 4.6 kg
Full Series Tara
Note: F, Frequency: 85 Hz, Size: 14.5", Weight: 4.95 kg
Life of Buddha
Note: D, Frequency: 72 Hz, Size: 16.5 ", Weight: 6.25 kg
Sri Yara Mandala
Note: C#, Frequency: 71 Hz, Size: 19", Weight: 8.525 kg
Note: F, Frequency: 88 Hz, Size: 15", Weight: 5.445 kg
Yogi Chakra
Note: F#, Frequency: 46 Hz, Size: 20", Weight: 9.99 kg